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The origin of the name "Urbandale" is not known. The Des Moines neighborhood now known as Beaverdale was originally known as "Urbandale." The railroad/streetcar line owners had acquired 160 acres around the station and subdivided it into a plat called Urbandale on March 6, 1907, and the subsequent development became known as "Urbandale." The original Urbandale neighborhood then adopted the Beaverdale name to distinguish itself from the new Urbandale development.

Ash Creek Office Suites offers all the convenient perks and services of larger, corporate environments, without all the unnecessary costs. Now you can grow into your potential without stretching your budget beyond its capacity. The amenities are yours to enjoy when you rent an office suite from us. Whether you are an individual entrepreneur launching your first start-up business, or you are seeking a larger office suite for rent that will accommodate your growing business, we have the ideal space for you here at Ash Creek. Isn't it time you left the red tape behind and invested your energy into your business venture instead?

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